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Connecting a Wallet

After exploring the multiswap functionality by obtaining quotes, the next step is to connect a wallet and start executing transactions onchain.

If you already have MetaMask installed and know how to connect to the Fuji test network, go ahead and connect to Fuji and skip to Minting Tokens.

Install MetaMask

In order to interact with the blockchain, you'll need to have MetaMask installed. To get started, follow the instructions to download and install MetaMask from

By default, your wallet will likely connect to Ethereum mainnet. Our exchange is running on an Avalanche test network called "Fuji". To set up the Fuji test network in Metamask follow the instructions from Avalabs, i.e. click the pulldown menu in Metamask and select: "Add Network"

Add Network.

and enter the following:

Your wallet is now connected to the Fuji test network and you're almost ready to interact with our smart contract. Before that, you will need to obtain some AVAX tokens.

Obtaining AVAX Tokens

Interacting with smart contracts on Avalanche / Fuji requires the expenditure of AVAX, the native token of Avalanche. On the Avalanche mainnet, AVAX must be purchased. On the Fuji testnet, AVAX can be obtained from a faucet located at Simply paste your public account address into the form. To obtain your public account address, open up MetaMask and click the name of your account as shown below:

Obtain Account Address.

Pasting your account address into the appropriate form field on the faucet's website and submitting should result in 2 AVAX being credited to your account.

Once you have some AVAX in your account, you can interact with the blockchain. The next step is to mint yourself some mock ERC20 tokens.