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Obtaining Quotes

We've set things up so you can experiment with the swap mechanism and receive quotes without needing to connect a wallet. Clicking the "Get Quote" button on the main dashboard brings up the swap interface:

Blank swap interface.

This interface is slightly different than what you might have seen with other DEXs since we support multiswaps. You can select one or more "Pay Tokens" that you wish to deposit into the pool and select one or more "Receive Tokens" that you wish to withdraw from pool.

We do not distinguish between the pool token and asset tokens in the interface. If you pay a single asset token and receive the pool token, this is true single-sided staking. Conversely, if you pay the pool token and receive a single asset token, this is true single-sided unstaking. However, more general multi-asset trades are available with the same simple interface.


Obtaining a quote for a simple 2-asset swap is straightforward. Simply select the pay token you wish to deposit and and the receive token you wish to withdraw.


Changing the amount to deposit will automatically update the expected amount of tokens you will receive.

Note: This is not an exact quote, but represents a close approximation to the actual number of tokens you will receive.


As mentioned above, our interface does not distinguish asset tokens from the pool token. This means we can support all transaction types in a single flexible interface. For instance, if we wish to stake WBTC to the pool, we simply select WBTC as the pay token and the pool token P as the receive token.


This type of transaction represents true single-sided staking and does not involve any other token behind the scenes as in, for example, Bancor.


Conversely, this same interface can be used for unstaking. Simply select the pool token as your pay token and the token you wish to withdraw.


There is no requirement that you withdraw the same token you originally staked. You can withdraw any token or combination of tokens you want.


We expect most trades to involve just two tokens, e.g. swaps, staking and unstaking, but we illustrate the power of the interface by demonstrating the multiswap capability by selecting two pay tokens, e.g. WETH and WBTC, below:

Pay tokens.

The operation should be clear. You simply click the "+" to select the desired pay tokens and then specify how much of each token you wish to deposit into the pool. You can remove individual tokens by double clicking them (on desktop) or click the "+" again and then hit the small "x" on the respective token in the selection box or you can remove all selected tokens by clicking the larger "X" on the right side of the selection box.

Next, we can add the pool token as a receive token.

Multi-Asset Staking.

If we left the quote like this, this trade would represent multi-asset staking, i.e. you deposit multiple asset tokens and receive the pool token in exchange. However, we can add additional asset tokens.


You may have noticed an additional input field on the "Receive Tokens" side for Allocation. This is a new feature of our multi-asset SFMM that does not exist on any other DEX to the best of our knowledge. When there is more than one receive token, you must specify a percentage allocation to each token and the total allocation must sum to 100%.